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Antiviral Herbs and Plants to Keep You Healthy

Using food as a medicine, including preventive medicine, is a much smarter idea than taking antibiotics whenever you are unwell. Not only does taking unnecessary antibiotics increase the epidemic of drug-resistant germs, but antibiotics do not kill viruses – they only treat bacterial infections, so taking them for viral diseases is futile – and Future health is harmful to you.

So, what can you do to take care of your health? You can start by befriending some antiviral herbs. If you are someone who does not like drugs, you can try these natural remedies that can help with viral infections.


Garlic is one popular remedy for a host of viral infections. Many studies have ensured that garlic enhances the immune system and protects against viral infections. It is also very good for lung health.


Sage is a member of the mint family, sage is an aromatic herb that has long been used in traditional medicine to treat viral infections. The antiviral properties of sage are mostly connected with compounds called safficinolide and sage one, which is found in the stem and leaves of the plants.


Usually added to teas, extracts, and tinctures, peppermint helps to relieve viral infections. The leaves and essential oil contain rosmarinic acid and menthol which have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


Baicalin is a phytonutrient with a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine for its powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and positive effects on immune and circulatory function.


Parsley contains antioxidants as well as antibacterial and viral-fighting compounds. One of these is carvacrol, a molecule that exhibits antiviral activity in test tube studies using murine norovirus.


There are many varieties, and they can all fight some viral infections. For example, holy basil (also known as basil leaves) is known to boost immunity. In addition, sweet basil extracts are powerful against viruses that cause herpes and hepatitis B.


Turmeric has well-known anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibacterial properties. In short, turmeric fights for your health on many levels. In addition, this bright yellow spice promotes mitochondrial health reducing the number of free radicals generated by aging or dying mitochondria.


It is a widely known fact that ginger is quite powerful against the virus. This is why they come in many shapes, sizes, and forms: lozenges, teas, etc. Gingers have a high concentration of plant compounds. In addition, specific compounds such as ginger and zingerone not only prevent the virus from replicating but also prevent their entry into the host body.


Since ancient times, neem has been widely used as an immunity booster. It is very effective in protecting the body from attacks by harmful pathogens, thanks to its anti-viral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Neem can also keep your blood clean. It cleans the blood by removing toxins and it can build up immunity.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is a lime plant commonly used in tea and seasonings. It is also celebrated for its medicinal properties. Lemon balm extracts are a concentrated source of powerful essential oils and plants compounds that have antiviral activity.


Roman soldiers used honey on wounds of war to prevent infection, and it is believed that it was used as both food and medicine in the Stone Age. Known for its ability to fight back against some 60 species of bacteria, as well as various fungi and viruses, honey is also loaded with health-supporting antioxidants – just another reason wellness enthusiasts are sweet on the goods. Just make sure it is raw and doesn’t use too much!


Echinacea is one of the most popular ingredients used in herbal medicines because of its impressive health-promoting properties. Many parts of the plant, including leaves, its flowers, and roots, are used for a natural cure.


Rosemary is used in cooking. In addition, extracts of rosemary have demonstrated antiviral effects against the herpes virus and hepatitis A, which affects the liver.

Apart from these herbs, there are plants that help you breathe better. They do everything from filtering the air and increasing the influx of oxygen to reducing anxiety and stress. From money plant to jade plant to bamboo plant to bonsai plant, etc. there are endless health benefits that you can gain from herbs and plants.


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