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Best WordPress plugins for starting a website hosting blog

If you have a personal or business blog, it’s important to establish an excellent online presence. Delivering professional content with a nice and fast design is what will increase your online presence. With blogging, you get to communicate with your visitors, follow the latest trends, products, and services. However, having a blog is not just writing a few words or uploading a couple of images and videos. To have a successful blog, you should consider some plugins, such as search engine optimization plugin, security measures plugin, or content management plugin. Some of the best plugins for WordPress are entirely free, although some of them offer both free and paid versions with more features. Here’s a list of plugins with a high number of downloads and satisfied users.

Have you started welcoming guest posts on your site? Also, have you added author boxes and coming soon pages? If not, it’s high time you change that as your site might be at risk of never becoming successful.

WP Reset

If you want to keep your site or blog clean, optimized, and safe from potential data loss, this is the right plugin for you. It’s currently one of the most popular plugins available on the market that can save your WordPress site. This plugin gives you lots of options and features for creating a backup of your site, so you can always have the last working version of a site. Some of the most popular features you get are:

  • Creating snapshots of different versions of the site – this option gives you ultimate safety when it comes to saving changes on your site, regardless of their type. The plugin automatically creates the snapshots of the last working versions of your site, along with the database. If you’re not fully satisfied with all the changes you made, you can always access snapshots and make them live on your site,
  • Emergency recovery script – it’s a single, WordPress independent script created to recover a website in the most challenging situations. You can have it on the site in case of an emergency (recommended on test sites), or you can upload it when you need it (recommended for live sites). It can be a real lifesaver if you encounter the white screen of death in WordPress, a faulty plugin, missing core files, or similar situations. However, you get quick access to this script, and your day is saved,
  • Recover a destroyed site without a backup – if you accidentally delete files or add a bad file to your site’s folder, this plugin will recognize it, notify you, and recover your site in few clicks,
  • Collections – instead of installing plugins and tools for your site over and over again, collections give you the ability to create as many lists of your favorite items as you want. With that, you’re able to install them with just one click. WP Reset plugin stores your collections in the cloud, so you can access them anytime from every site you have. With collections, you can use free plugins and themes, but you also have the option to upload a ZIP file directly to the collection,
  • Restoring the database – with WP-CLI support, WP reset version, WP reset snapshots, undo actions, control cloud storage, etc., you’re able to save all of your data and always have a backup to use if things go wrong.

Under Construction Page

If you want to build a beautiful and catchy coming soon, under construction or landing page with almost zero effort, Under Construction Page will save your day. To deliver your site most professionally, you also need to bring it to your audience in the same way. With this plugin, you can choose from various templates and designs that suit your site the most. This plugin gives you a tremendous non-developer experience where you can make changes to your coming soon page within minutes. Everything is ready to deploy and fully customizable via drag&drop builder. The Under Construction Page plugin gives you lots of valuable features, such as nice UI-UX, which is beginner-friendly, having over 2 million premium images available, over 270 templates, MailChimp integration, redirect URL instead of showing the Under Construction Page, Google Analytics events tracking, and much more. It comes in four different plans – Free plan, Basic plan ($25/year), PRO plan ($39/year), and Agency plan ($89/year).

WP 301 Redirects

This tool gives you an easy traffic transfer from one website to another while keeping all of your data and settings from the previous page. A common issue is that other sites redirect visitors to a non-working or faulty site. The WordPress redirect plugin will take care of all of your links and deliver visitors the content they wanted to see while keeping all of your data and settings safe. You can quickly fix redirection and 404 errors, but also use some of the features you get with this plugin, such as instantly boost meaningful traffic, take complete control over redirects, safely change post URLs, ignore bad traffic, know precisely what’s going on your site, etc. WP 301 Redirect currently has a 50% launch discount where you can choose from three paid plans – Personal plan ($39/year), Team plan ($79/year), and Agency plan ($149/year).

WP Sticky

WP Sticky plugin allows you to make any element of your website sticky (a sticky header, menu, navigation, map, widget, etc.). It is compatible with all themes and other plugins. It is also responsive, so you don’t have to bother about it on the mobile version. This plugin is also highly recommended for beginners because it doesn’t require any code modification. The good thing about this plugin is that it has easy installation and setup and can be easily applied to any type of website. If you want to make your travel blog even more stunning by using the sticky map or the image highlight of your travel, then this plugin is the best choice for you. As previously mentioned, Google Maps Widget plugin is supported by WP Sticky and can be easily installed and used within this plugin. Pretty cool right? It offers three paid plans – Single, which is priced at $5.99/month (or $39 for a lifetime license), Team plan, which is priced at $49 for a one-time payment, and Agency plan, which is priced at $99 for a one-time payment.

Google Maps Widget

This is the plugin that allows you to add a map to your website without any coding skills needed. The main feature of this plugin is that it gives you an option to show several locations at the same time on a single map. Google Maps Widget has a wide range of use, from small local businesses to large travel agencies and travel blog websites. Some of the features you get with this plugin are an integration of maps anywhere on your site, adding an unlimited number of maps, customization of maps, and much more. Installation and usage of this plugin take few minutes (getting an API key included) and it doesn’t slow down your site. This plugin comes in three paid plans – PRO Unlimited Agency plan, which is priced at $70, PRO Personal Lifetime plan which is priced at $39 (with a current discount of 20%), and PRO Personal plan, which is priced at $29/year.


Visual representation of your website or blog site is one of the most important factors when you want to improve your online presence. Building your audience and delivering professional content is far easier when you’re using business tools and plugins. We hope some of these plugins will help you maintain and build your online presence more efficiently.

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