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Tablet Spyware: Keeping Naughty Kids Under the Radar

Today’s kids are smart and tech-savvy. They are good with gadgets and tools and know-how to use most of them since early childhood. They know how to unlock the smartphone or when to watch a youtube cartoon series. In short we the adults are responsible for this early bombardment of technology in their lives. Now that it’s almost impossible for us to completely vanish all kinds of gadgets and devices from their lives, all we can do is to minimize their lethal effect and try to lessen their usage in…

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Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Gadgets 

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Unboxing & Review

 Best Neckband Wireless Earphone Under 2000 So in today’s blog, we are gonna unbox and review the new OnePlus bullet wireless z earphones, So if u were looking for a branded neckband earphone within Rs 2000 and with fast charging and amazing battery life then this article is for you. Let’s Unbox OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z Earphones So let’s get to open the package and see what is inside the package then we will review and test it a bit and then give a completely honest opinion on it. so…

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