YouTube Technology Tips 

6 Essential Tips for Becoming YouTube Famous

Did you know that Youtube collects more than 1 billion hours of watch time per day? That’s more than Netflix and Facebook video combined!  With so many eyes on Youtube, it’s no wonder the stars of the homemade videos are becoming so popular. Believe it or not, becoming famous on Youtube may actually be a realistic goal for your online content! Of course, there are a few tips and tricks you’ll need to know to get more Youtube views.  If you’re on a mission to become Youtube famous, you’ve come…

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database Technology Tips 

NoSQL database can be divided into the following four types:

It is not a relational database that means while creating a database we don’t have to pre-defined a schema. It is also called a non-relational database. It is used to store unstructured and semi-structured data. Key-value storage: In this database data is stored in key-value pair where each key is associated with one and only one value in a collection. It is easy to use, scalable and fast. Some key-values databases are Redis, Riak, etc. Document-oriented Database assignment help: It stores data in JSON format. We don’t need to predefine…

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