Classy Custom Rigid Packaging for Promoting your New Fragrance

Shoppers for fragrances give a lot of importance to the aesthetical aspects before making a preference. If the customers don’t like the packaging of a scent and the bottle is boring, they are very likely to reject or ignore it.

You can’t make a new perfume worth noticing with the potential buyers without displaying it in a beguiling box. Packaging that pleases the eyes and senses would sway the consumers into trying a tester.

So pay attention to customizing the boxes for a beauty product to make it an instant hit. Investing in packaging would pay you off by boosting your sales and getting your brand in a prominent position.

Do you have luxury or high-end fragrances? Rigid boxes are a perfect display and handling solution for the items. You can have them custom printed with a stock, style, and finishing options you like.

Scintillating packaging with long shelf-life would add value to your offerings. It would make your perfumery noteworthy. You can astutely use the boxes for flaunting the uniqueness of the new scent. Seek professional printing services for getting your packaging personalized.

The printer you intend to trust should be skilled and experienced enough to cater to your needs and must be familiar with the industry inclinations.

Don’t feel confused when finding a vendor, the easiest way to gauge the competence of a service provider is by evaluating its turnaround time, techniques, and samples.

Tips shared here will aid you with making your packaging delightful!

Use a Dazzling and Inviting Artwork

If the perfume has floral ingredients, tell the graphics team to use the illustrations and color scheme that are relevant to the main flower in the scent, for instance, peony.

Design of the boxes doesn’t necessarily have to be way too artsy, a simple yet striking artwork can entrance the onlookers. The name of the fragrance should be embossed or made prominent with a catchy font.

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Full Color Printed Wholesale Rigid Boxes

Packaging printed with the full-color process would add an exquisite touch to it. Cardboard is a strong and flexible material that is avidly used for cosmetic and accessory boxes.

Ask the printer to guide you on the die-cut shapes and customizations you can experiment with. Don’t order the packaging in bulk without ensuring that the layout you have chosen is user friendly.

Packaging with Engaging Product Details

Use the space at the back of the boxes for compelling the consumers into trying out the scent. The top notes of the fragrance should be listed clearly so that buyers don’t have to ask the sales staff.

If the item has been inspired by nature or a celeb, mention it. You can give a hint about the kind of impact the perfume will have on the mood and how long it lasts.

Custom rigid boxes wholesale should have the net weight of the item when packaged, a number of months during which the fragrance needs to be consumed after opening the seal, and cautions/instructions. Provide every bit of information that can be of customer assistance.

Have your online store’s address printed on the packaging for facilitating digital shoppers. Boxes should have inserts for protecting the bottles from breakage and spilling especially if you are offering global shipping.

Legacy Printing can get your custom boxes printed the way you want at a reasonable price.

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