Creating the ‘No-Makeup Makeup Up’ Look Tips You Should Keep a Note Of

In recent times, there has been a significant emergence of the no-makeup makeup look. Most celebrities can be seen flaunting even-toned and glowing complexions with minimally traceable makeup. However, creating such a look can be a bit challenging and tricky as well. The following are the tips that one must consider for acing the no-makeup makeup look with optimum elegance.

Even Out the Skin Tone

The first and the foremost step is to even out the skin complexion. For this, one must follow a proper skin care routine to keep the skin flawless. Apply a BB cream with light coverage or a hydrating face foundation for a natural finish and sheer coverage. Additionally, apply a concealer under the eyes to erase dark spots. You can also use a concealer to hide blemishes, sun spots, and dark spots. On top of that, apply a lightweight, compact powder as it aids in setting a smoother and crease-free base.

Tightline the Eyes Using a Brown or Black Eyeliner

Tightlining the eyes can make them appear bigger and more attractive instantly. It involves lining the bottom and top inner edges of the eyes using a liner. Make sure to apply the liner close to the lash line for an alluring effect. One can also apply an eye shadow of a neutral shade to highlight the eyelids.

The black liner would suit people with dusky complexions. Contrary to this, brown liners will look better on those having fairer or lighter skin tones. You have to apply the liner properly into the lashes’ roots for a volumising effect.

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Groom the Lashes

No makeup look can ever be complete without applying mascara as it naturally defines the lashes. Firstly, groom your lashes using an eyelash curler. The next step is to separate the lashes using a defining and volumising mascara. However, do not opt for dramatic mascara as it lengthens the eyelashes instead of giving them a natural fluttery look.

Add Natural Tint to Cheeks and Lips

You can use either a peachy or a flushed pink tint for naturally stained cheeks and lips. It would give an enviably rosy and soft effect on the lips and cheeks. Make sure to dab on a small quantity of the same for an accentuated look. Alternatively, one can use a lip balm to nourish and plump the lips.

Apply the lip balm or tint all over the lips to soften and highlight the pout. After that, you can add a dash of lip colour on your lips and cheek to complete the look.


Outline and Fill the Brows

Having defined and fuller brows can enhance your makeup look to a great extent. The first step is to define your brows using a spoolie and fill them using either a brow powder or a pencil. Make sure to give strokes in the sparse areas of the brows for a natural effect. Then you have to brush the brows using mascara for setting the strands into the intended place. One can also use a dark or intense brown eye shadow in the place of brow filler.


If you want to flaunt your natural beauty, then the no-makeup makeup look is an ideal choice for you. This quick guide spares you the fuss of learning makeup online. With the tips mentioned above, you can quickly achieve a fresh, radiant, and flawless complexion by incorporating light makeup products into your vanity.

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