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Card games are always exciting and have suspense, drama, strategy, and the perfect amount of competitive spirit. Two of the most popular games in the world are Poker and Rummy. The most amazing factor of these games is that there is no luck involved but a lot of practice and experience.

There are a lot of different versions of these 2 card games as they are played all over the world. They have different names but the rules are more or less similar.

Why are card games so famous all over the world?

Card games involve mental involvement. This makes the games inclusive and you do not need to be athletic to be a part of this. The number of players in these games vary and if they increase you can increase the number of decks being used. This means more people can be involved in the games.

Card games are a great bonding experience and are a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family alike. You can also win great cash prizes while playing Poker and Rummy! Points Rummy is a version based on winning cash using pre-decided cash value.

It is generally played in India and is a 13 card variant. The excitement that comes with real cash prizes is unmatched.

Which card games can you play on Gamezy?

Games have a unique format of games that ensures you enjoy from wherever you are. You can download the Gamez app and start a game at any location! You don’t need people around with a deck of cards to start the game. There are various levels specified in Gamezy based on the entry fee and the prizes.

Your skill can transform these small fees into unbelievably huge cash prizes. You can also play various versions of poker and rummy on Gamez. For example, you can play deals rummy and if you get bored, you can switch to points rummy. You can start with Hold ‘em and then switch to Omaha if you wish to.

If you win the games, the entire pot is yours. The good part is you can track your games with a single click of the button on the bar below.

How to get started on Gamezy?

Once you have downloaded the free Gamezy app, you can start by seeing the games they offer. Apart from card games, they have ample casual games as well! You can add cash to your wallet and begin immediately. There are various games and tournaments that include bumper prizes.

You can invite your friends on Gamezy by sending them a referral code on text. Once they have joined, played, and won, you win too! You can play card games with your friends no matter the distance or the time of day.

You can experience the thrill of winning poker and rummy against your friend. You can see how many people online are playing each game and join the game.

Not an experienced player? Games have got you covered! Start your streak of the championship by practicing for free for a couple of games. If you don’t know the rules, you can also click on how to play and learn the rules of the game.

Enjoy an exciting evening indoors with these amazing card games!

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