How to Choose the Best laptops for office automation

If you want to change laptops and you find yourself quite lost on which one to choose, that’s normal. At any given time there may be a few hundred different laptops for sale, and that’s not including the different versions with the better or worse processor, storage, or graphics card. The most popular currently are gaming laptops or gaming laptops, which are also already at cheaper prices.

To make your search for a new laptop more bearable, we bring you this article. We have divided it into different sections according to the type of user who may need them.

It is not an exhaustive list. It would be impossible to include the thousands of laptops and all their variants that are on the market at any given time around the world, and without a doubt, you will see similar, better or worse equipment for sale.

The aim of the article is for you to get a clear idea of ​​what to look for in a laptop and the price range in which it can be moved. I consider the ones included here as good purchase options due to their value for money, at least at the time I put them.

Since I review the item once a month, its price may fluctuate, be cheaper with sales, or have been recalled. In the list, you will see cheap laptops, quite cheap for office use, and others quite expensive for real gamers.

Note: if you see something wrong in this article, it is not clear or you disagree with it, please indicate it in the comments and help us improve it. Try to maintain a positive and collaborative attitude, that the world is already full of people with negative and destructive attitudes.

Speaking people understand, and it is always possible that you draw conclusions far from what we want to convey in the article, or that we have expressed ourselves wrong.

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How to choose a laptop for your needs

To buy a laptop you have to have a clear idea of ​​what to expect from it. If you only want a computer for office use, watch a movie and program, a computer with 4 GB of RAM and a processor such as the i3-7100U will give more than enough performance, and that places it in the range of 500 euros.

If you already need to use it for perhaps some graphic design (Photoshop or CAD), some basic game, and in short you expect a little more from the team in terms of performance, a team with 8 GB of RAM and a slightly more powerful processor like the i5-7300HQ could do you good, or a Core i5-9300H better than better.

The price also goes up, of course, and that would put it between 600 and 800 euros, although already around 800 to 1000 euros it would also include a dedicated graphics card type GTX 1050.

From that point on, there are laptops with more specific and more expensive characteristics. For example, equipment that is used to play / gaming can start from about 1000 euros, but there are also ultrabooks that have a lower thickness and weight like MacBooks. These models include an SSD for fast system boot.

Laptop resolutions

There is also a wide variety of Best laptops for league of legends, but if you want one that can work with resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) you will have to spend from 1000 to 1200 euros, being better to think about a future investment of about 1500 Euros.

The processor and graphics card of a laptop are not upgradeable – except for very specific exceptions – and spending little on a gaming laptop can mean that in two or three years it will be obsolete for that purpose.

Although, like everything, it depends on the type of game you are a fan of. If you are not into shooting games or shooters, the demands on the equipment are less, and even 500 Euro laptops can work decently with League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm.

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