How To Prepare For Camping

When you’re going camping, you want to make sure you plan for every scenario. If you don’t pack correctly, you could find that your fun family trip quickly becomes a nightmare. While some scenarios, such as a little extra rain, won’t ruin the trip, others easily could. Here are ways you can prepare ahead of time for your next camping trip. 

Make a List

The quickest way to not pack everything you need is to try to pack from memory. You have a lot to think about when you gather everything you need for camping, and you’re bound to forget something. Instead, create a list to keep track of what you’ll need. Break everything down into categories to help you better identify everything. For example, have different sections for food and snacks, clothing, and equipment. 

Bring Protection

Even if you plan on going to a well-populated camping ground, you’ll want to make sure you have a way to protect yourself. Bears and other animals have been known to visit campgrounds, and you want to be prepared on the off chance that it happens to you. 

When planning protection, choose something that you can easily carry and that you’re licensed and legally allowed to carry. If you have a knife, make sure you have a sheath to keep it in to protect yourself and others from possible injury. If you have a gun, consider investing in some concealed carry shorts. They will allow you to keep your hands free while still keeping the gun easily accessible in case of an emergency. 

Look at the Weather

If you want to have a good camping trip, never assume that the weather will be ok. Just because the sun is shining one day doesn’t mean that it will be the next. If you’re going to have cold weather on your camping trip, make sure you plan to wear layers of clothing. Wear a top layer of waterproof clothing, so you can keep it on if it’s raining, but take some layers off if the weather warms up and you start to get too hot. 

Pack Enough Food

Camping and hiking can work up quite an appetite, so make sure you plan for enough food. In addition to meals, bring snacks to keep the hunger at bay during the day. Packing a bit more food than you need will ensure that you don’t have to make any unexpected trips to the store during the last days of your camping trip because you ran out of food. 

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