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Lesser-Known Facts about Lip Augmentation You Should Know Before the Process

To look perfect and flawless, these days’ women are getting inclined to the procedure of plastic surgery also known as a cosmetic aesthetic procedure.

Amongst numerous procedures, lip fillers or augmentation is the craze for celebrities and common women. But do you know actually what fillers are? It is basically a lip plumping procedure with any fluid.

Mainly this substance produces in the human body naturally and gets depleted along with age and time. The substance name is Hyaluronic Acid and it is also used for injecting the lips externally to make it look full-pout and plumped.

But the process is done in numerous sessions where the injection is administered for filling the lips with Hyaluronic Acid in small doses. If you want to know more about this cosmetic procedure then continue reading this blog as it compiles some interesting information for you!

As per the top cosmetic surgeon, any sort of hyaluronic fillers consumes 6 months to a year to get dissolved completely in the body on its own. This process is coined as Hyaluronidases in which an enzyme family catalyzes the hyaluronic acid degradation if it is used as the key filling ingredient.

However, it is necessary to attend the sessions to obtain fully plumped lips. Otherwise, skipping the session will lead to the reduction of the lips to its own position in a short span of time.

After obtaining beautiful, pouted and plump lips sometimes you may start hating it. At that time all you want to retain the original lips and it can be possible with the administration of the procedure called hyaluronidase. The lip filling process is easily reversible with the incorporation of enzymes in the lips. But nowadays, patients always look for fast methods to eliminate lip filling.

That’s why Hyaluronidase is injected directly into the lips and the result can be obtained within 3-4 days. But there is a risk of slight allergic reaction about which you must discuss with your doctor prior to undergo a lip reduction procedure. Considering the fact, they can administer the procedure by eradicating the chance of allergic risk.

According to the leading cosmetic procedure expert, lip fillers only last from 6 to 12 months. The acid gets broken down by the body naturally resulting in the reduction of the lips. After proving that it is natural, women get focused on its safety:

In accordance with NHS, the associated common risks of lip filling are given below:

  • Bruising, itching, swelling, and rashes
  • An infection
  • If the filler gets shifted from a position to another over due course of time
  • Rarely if filler leads to the emergence of lumps below the skin- treatment involves immediate medication or surgery
  • Rarely if filler accidentally blocks any blood vessels- it can end up with pulmonary embolism, permanent blindness, and tissue death

As this process is not easily available, you must do it from a qualified professional. There are many fake jabs on the internet to do the task at any salon. Those can be associated with potential risks that may become permanent in your body.

LipFillers London is a reputed clinic where you can undergo lip augmentation with less risk and at affordable prices. Even you can raise your concerns regarding this aesthetic cosmetic process.


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