Tips for Improving Time Tracking With An Online Time ClockTech 

Tips for Improving Time Tracking With An Online Time Clock

Team time tracking can be a chore no matter what industry you’re in. Figuring out where your employees are, what hours they’ve worked, who has overtime, and keeping the scheduling together when you have so many moving pieces can be difficult, to say the least.


However, with an online time clock, there are a number of ways to improve and simplify your time tracking efforts to make everything run much more efficiently. That way, you can spend less time micromanaging your employees and more time handling actual important business.


Tip #1: Take Advantage of Automation

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using an online time clock is the ability to automate much of the time tracking process. No more relying on punch cards or hand-written timesheets. These older methods can be prone to errors and lead to problems with payroll, employee disputes, and time theft.


By using an online time clock to track time, you take the job out of the hands of individuals and make it easy to keep track of all your employees and record their time down to the minute. Automating the time tracking process means error-free work hours, more productivity, and overall happier employees since they don’t have to worry about their hours being calculated correctly.


Tip #2: Make Sure You’re Labor Law Compliant

Part of the problem with exempt employee time tracking is ensuring that employees are given their proper breaks, lunches, and overtime pay when they work over their assigned schedule. Not making certain breaks are taken can lead to labor law violations, even if they’re unintended. There is virtually no way to determine if and when an employee took a break with manual tracking. With no way to verify breaks, this leads to labor law violations.


An online timecard system automatically tracks every punch, including breaks. You can even set notifications and reminders for the employees and managers to ensure that everyone takes their breaks as mandated. If an issue persists, managers have a log of missed breaks and can take action before it becomes a problem that could damage the business.


This also includes tracking hours and those who work overtime. Overtime is a heavy expense for most businesses, but one that must be paid accurately. If there is excessive overtime for some reason, managers can see who and then take steps to determine if the overtime is necessary and what to do going forward.


Tip #3: Take Advantage of Payroll Features

Part of the issue with time tracking is ensuring that employees are paid what they’re owed in a timely fashion. Manual time tracking makes this complex, and often, timesheets and payroll invoices are prone to errors, which can upset employees and cost resources to go back and fix.


An online time clock has payroll integrations that allow time tracking data and wages to be calculated and sent directly to your business’s payroll office. This dramatically simplifies the entire payroll process and makes it nearly error-free. Streamlining the payroll process leads to faster and more accurate payouts for employees and increases morale and productivity in the process.


Tip #4: Make Use of Actionable Data

One of the best benefits of time tracking with an online time clock is that you have records that you can access from anywhere to see data on employee performance, labor costs, absenteeism, and other factors that impact your business.


Having instant access to data is particularly useful in industries that have to cost out their jobs and need an accurate estimate of what labor costs would be for a particular job. With online timesheet management software, all of the necessary data is saved and available at a glance. Not only that, the data builds upon itself over time, making it easier and more accurate to account for costs and bid jobs.


Online time clock software can be a handy tool, especially if using it properly. If you’re already using a time tracking solution, the tips mentioned can hopefully help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your money.

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