What are the misunderstandings in website SEO optimization that needs to be avoided?

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Website SEO optimization is not very good for Knox. The Knox are confused during the operation and often do not know how to start. There are many ways to optimize, and there are many designs, such as website content optimization, image optimization, link optimization, etc.

The improper operation will have a serious impact on website optimization and promotion. The following cloud optimization editor will introduce you to the misunderstandings in website SEO services optimization that need to be avoided:

1. Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is an important factor in improving website ranking, so for companies, when doing keyword optimization, remember not to pile up keywords.

Many Knox thinks that the high keyword density will increase the ranking quickly, but it should be noted that the search engine itself has a word segmentation principle, and all unnatural phenomena will make the search engine think it is cheating. Therefore, to develop better in the later period, I suggest you not take shortcuts.

2. Various label abuse

Webmasters who do website optimization know that each webpage has one and only one pair of h1 tags. There are many optimizers here, so they put pictures in the h1 tags, thinking that this can strengthen the weight of the ALT attribute of the picture.

There is no practical point in doing this because users can’t see it when they browse the web. Of course, there are still many people who add bold tags to the pictures.

Users can’t see any changes on the webpage, and search engine spiders can’t guess the meaning of reading the code. These operations are done here to a certain extent. The above will also cause the search engine spiders to be confused, which will affect the normal ranking of the website.

Three, blindly follow

People engaged in SEO work are from different industries, and they are engaged in different positions in SEO optimization work. Everyone’s work content and work intensity will be different. Don’t follow blindly, but choose a work style that suits you.

Four, TAG keyword stacking

TAG mainly includes the title tag, keyword tag, and description tag of a website. If the title tag and description tag of a website repeatedly repeat the keyword tag, it may be considered as cheating behavior by search engines.

5. After several months of SEO optimization, there is no effect, SEO is useless at all.

Generally, SEO optimizers who have this idea must be halfway through or have not studied SEO related knowledge carefully and systematically.

SEO optimization does not happen overnight. It is a long-term accumulation and precipitation process that requires sufficient patience and care to manage.

If there is no effect for a long time, you need to analyze and summarize whether there are loopholes in your SEO optimization method. Finding out the problem and then correcting and improving is a better way.

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6. Wrong selection of website keywords

As an SEO novice, you may have just joined a company and are not familiar with the company’s industry or have not analyzed the keywords and website positioning.

At this time, it is easy to cause website keyword selection errors. Often this happens, and there is often a certain keyword on the website that ranks first on the homepage, but there is no traffic.

7. Mass collection of website articles

If a large number of articles on a website are collected or reprinted, such a website will accumulate into a spam website. If the quality of a website is not good, there will often be snapshots that are not updated or regressed, and the inclusive growth is slow or declining, decreasing, etc. problem.

8. Improper selection of website space

Some part-time or entrepreneurial SEO Knox often see some free space or domain names and they are excited.

I remember the Chinese saying “there is no free lunch” and “cheap is not good.” If you want to do SEO well, then please buy a qualified domain name and space, not much money. Also, some SEO Know often buy some cheap or non-independent IP space, which is also undesirable.

The above are the mistakes that the editor introduces to you in the SEO Service optimization that needs to be avoided. Many times we cannot completely avoid the risks. This requires us to think carefully and summarize more practically, understand the needs of users, understand users, and take It can also help the website.

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