What are the uses of statistics in our daily life

In terms of changing the world, statistics play an essential role. Why is it that statistics play a huge part in our lives? Statistics are the statistical equation that we have used to evaluate things. This keeps us aware of what is going on in the world.

Statistics are important because nowadays with the help of statistics, nearly all data we need is mathematically defined.

This implies that it is necessary to update reliable data and statistical principles. Statistics are everywhere, whether it is preparing anything or collecting the total number of patients. That’s why, for students, it is essential to learn the impo

rtance of statistics

Read until last to know what are the uses of statistics in our daily life.

  • Statistics in Planning

In planning, statistics play a crucial part. The strategy will not be accomplished without statistics. It benefits people in market strategy, finance, and leadership. Planning is everything in modern times, so it is not feasible to do anything without planning. And nearly every government or private sector uses statistics to make and prepare their strategy.

  • Statistics in Mathematics

Statistics is an important sub-part of mathematics. In simple words, it is related as well as entirely depends on mathematics. But now, it is converted into the advanced theory of Mathematics of Integration and Measures. Applied mathematics is the statistics part that is used in data.

Computational mathematics uses advanced statistics. That’s why it is required to learn statistics along with math. Apart from that, statistics also play a vital role in business mathematics. There are lots of concepts of statistics that are relevant in business and accountancy.

  • Statistics In Economics

In learning economics, statistics play a key role since much of the economic component is numerically related. In short, for economics, it is important to learn statistics. Economics and statistics are both linked to one another.  Advanced approaches to make general use of statistics in economics have been implemented by the rise of advanced statistics. 

Statistics are used by nearly every branch of economics, i.e. production, delivery, usage, financial regulation. For calculation, results, study, and so on, all these branches of economic use statistics.

  • Statistics in Banks

Banks provide different types of services to customers; for that, banks use statistics. Banks utilize statistics for a big number of the services they provide. A bank operates on the concept if anyone deposits their cash and does not withdraw all of it. They get profit after giving money to different customers with interest, and the money used by them is the money deposited by people. Bankers use statistical methods to calculate the number of people making deposits related to the number of people asking for loans.

  • Quality Testing

Companies make different types of products each day, and every company must ensure that a great quality item is marketed. But it’s not possible for a company to test every product they sell to you. And this is where companies use statistics to test a few products. If the product passes quality tests, then the company produces more products. Stock Market Another place where stock analysts use statistics to determine what is happening in the market.

  • Prognosticating Disease

Many times in the news articles, disease statistics are stated. If reporters only report the total number of people who have the disease or who had the disease and died from it, the fact is interesting here, but for you, it might not mean much. But when statistics are included in it, you will get a clearer idea of how the disease can affect you.

For example, from the study, it is recorded that 85% to 95% of lung cancers are related to smoking. From statistics, you will get an idea of almost all lung cancers caused by smoking, and if you don’t want to suffer from the same problem, you should not smoke.


Above we have given some of the important uses of statistics in our daily life. But this is not the end of the list, the use of statistics is almost everywhere. It’s almost impossible to determine something without statistics. Some people use statistics in forecasting the weather whereas some use statistics in banks to calculate the services provided to customers.

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