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What Is Link Building And Why Is It Important?

Link Building! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an amalgamation of different digital marketing techniques to increase the visibility of a website on the SERPs. The aim of most businesses is to appear on the first page of the search engine, or rather even the first position on the SERPs.

A robust SEO consists of three major techniques:

  • Technical SEO (optimizing your website’s structure and coding)
  • On-page SEO (website content (all of it)
  • Off-page SEO

This article will give you an in-depth idea about off-page SEO by understanding its importance, link building technique, and how it works.

Hiring a good SEO Agency can ensure that your business is in good hands. The agency will ensure that your website is well-optimized and is ready to rank high in search engines. So, if you see Click here to know more on an SEO agency’s website you must not hesitate to press the button.

What Is Link Building And Why Does It Matter?

When you acquire links from other websites to your own, the process is known as link building. It is important because the ranking of your website depends on it. Google ranks webpages according to the quality of links a website has acquired. For instance, if several high quality links are leading to your website/page, search engines will consider it to be relevant and ultimately rank your website higher.

In simple words, you can consider a link as a vote. The more links lead to your website the better your website ranks on search engines. But remember, that these votes (links) must come from other well-rated and established websites. The Google algorithm takes this into consideration to ensure that businesses do not achieve high rankings by spamming low-quality website links.

Moreover, a poor link building technique can lead to a penalty by Google which can decrease your Google ranking. So, you must make sure you’re getting it right when it comes to link building.

If your business is not a pro in link building and you want to rank high (obviously) on the search engines you must hire a good SEO Agency to help you with it. Take for instance, Digital White Labels Link Building Company USA, they specialize in link building services and that too at a very low cost.

The low cost here doesn’t mean that they compromise on the services they are providing. Instead, it is their goal to assist every type of business (small, medium, big) to fulfill their aim of ranking high in their respective domains.

Why is Link Building Important?

Link building is one of the factors that Google uses to rank websites. Credible links that refer back to your website can help boost the ranking of your website. As in Google’s eyes, your website is trustworthy and credible in your domain or even industry.

Digital White Labels Link Building Company USA lays emphasis on acquiring only genuine and high-quality links and to stay away from spammy backlinks. They further explain that spammy links as characterized by search engines as spam can lower your ranking way behind your goals and competitors.

So, websites with more backlinks are recognized as having higher search engine rankings than those without it. It is absolutely necessary to focus on link building if your want your website to rank high on SERPs.

How To Recognize A Quality Link?

There are several different factors to determine if a link is a quality or not. This criterion is applicable for both internal (interlinking within your website) and external (another business website linking to your content and vice versa) backlinks, and citations as well.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine the quality of the link:

  • Is the link relevant to your industry and content? This is important as links that are relevant to your website help Google determine the nature of your business and website. It will then help the search engines rank you for that topic or keyword.
  • Trust and Authority: Just like we trust an experienced doctor more than a student studying to be a doctor, the same logic is applied on search engines as well. Credible and authoritative websites that have been around for a while have more value than new websites. The main reason for this is that the old websites have managed to build credibility with Google’s search results, whereas new websites have not.
  • Diversity Isn’t Bad: It helps to increase the quality and authority of your website. So, acquiring links from bloggers isn’t a bad thing. Diversity in the link building process is an indication that the website is a natural link profile.
  • Is The Link Valuable? This is perhaps the most important factor whether the link would provide value to the end-user. More importantly, is the link useful, and does it answer the user’s questions? As a thumb rule, any links to your website or from your website must provide additional value to the content. The most important person here is the visitor and the objective is to provide them value.

Link Building – White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

There is no wrong or right way of link building. For long-term benefits, the link building process must be done naturally by following Google Webmaster Guidelines.

White Hat SEO

This process follows the organic link building technique to improve your website’s online visibility. It is a more time taking method, but Google approves of it.

White Hat SEO tactics include:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Promoting your content
  • Commenting on authority blogs
  • Creating infographics

Black Hat SEO

These are unethical practices that help your website rank high in search engines within a short time frame. Such practices are frowned upon by Google, and you can be hit with a manual penalty if Google finds out.

Black Hat SEO can not only cost you your rankings but takes a lot of time to remove and get your SEO performance back on track.

Black Hat SEO techniques include:

  • Hidden links
  • Link schemes
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Automatically generated content
  • Abusing structured data


Link Building can provide your business with several benefits. Link building has changed over the years, but it still is the cornerstone of every SEO strategy.

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