What prescription glasses best match your eyes and needs?

Glasses are very common nowadays. There are plenty of glasses of different styles and requirements that can throw you into a haywire. You are more confused than ever when checking out glasses online. You have a plethora of choices. You have the option of choosing quality glasses with the best lenses or one with the best style. Or both at affordable prices.

Glasses for reading

If you simply need glasses for reading, that is for your hyperopia, then you can get reading glasses. If you read most books, then simple single vision glasses will work for you. If you read on digital devices like iPad, then you will need to get lenses for blocking blue lights emitted from the digital devices. 

If you don’t use glasses often then simple glasses will work for you. If you spend too much time on digital devices reading your favorite e-book, then you should buy prescription glasses with blue-light-blocking lenses.

There is another option for you. It is to get bifocal reading glasses. Wearing these you will not need to remove your glasses to see far away distances. 

Glasse for driving

Driving needs your full attention. You need to have perfect vision at all distances to drive safely. You can not use your reading glasses for driving as they hinder your long-distance vision. You will have glasses that will enable your vision. Wearing bifocal reading glasses will be helpful for people with hyperopia.

You can otherwise get varifocal glasses that enable vision at all distances with more comfort than bifocal glasses. Wearing varifocal glasses will help you in having perfect vision with hyperopia and presbyopia. You do not have to adjust your position too much to see clearly.

Glares, flashlights, or sudden bright lights can hinder you while driving. To avoid getting distracted while driving, you can get glasses with an anti-glare coating. This coating cuts glares and gives you clear vision. 

You can wear polarised sunglasses while driving. But it is not safe to drive wearing sunglasses during nighttime. For nighttime, you can try anti-glare glasses that reduce the halos and starbursts from the bright lights. 

You can order same-day prescription glasses if you are in urgent need of glasses from Specscart. Specscart, a British-born eyewear startup can provide you with stylish and quality prescription glasses of your choice within 24 hours. You can get your stylish and quality glasses frames at your doorstep ready to use.

Glasses for working on a computer

If you spend more time on computers, phones, or any digital devices, then you should get glasses that give you comfort while you work. You don’t get eye strain, eye fatigue from working on computers for a long time. For such effects, you will need blue-light-blocking glasses. These glasses can effectively block blue lights and give you strain-free vision.

Whether you need single vision glasses for your myopia or varifocal glasses, you can get your lenses made with blue light blocking properties. With these glasses, you will have a comfortable vision and you will be able to improve your efficiency as well.

X-Blue UV from Specscart is a state-of-the-art blue light lens. These are affordable at only £25 and block 99.99 percent of blue lights. You will not get eye strain, eye fatigue and even your sleep cycle will get regulated with the help of these glasses.

Glasses for traveling and working

When you are traveling and working, it means you are too busy. You are busy enjoying your life and working along with it. Obviously, your glasses requirements will be different. You don’t need to wear boring office glasses or glasses for computer use. You will need glasses that will make you look outstanding. Also, the glass’s quality needs to be more effective. You are exposed to sunlight and UV rays most of the time. You are also on your digital device to complete your targets. 

For such needs, you can get X-Blue UV lenses for your prescription glasses. These lenses have UV 400 coating on them, making them appropriate for use in the sunlight as well. You can protect your eyes from the sun and from the computer’s blue light.

Another best quality glasses for computer use that you can use while traveling are transition glasses. These glasses transition into the dark shade when exposed to bright sunlight and fade back to clear lenses when in normal light. These kinds of glasses can keep your eyes protected from glares, flashes, blue lights, and even UV lights. Transition glasses block blue lights from the computers and also UV rays effectively. These glasses are convenient. You don’t need sunglasses if you have these glasses.

Glasses for fashion needs

If you have perfect vision but still like to wear glasses, you can. You can get fake glasses to look cool and stylish. Fake glasses do not affect your eyes. You can get blue-light-blocking glasses without a prescription and use them when working on computers. These will help you in keeping our eyesight good for long. You will not suffer from eye strain or insomnia because of using computers or any digital devices.

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